Sunday, 29 January 2017

Drugstore Favourites - Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes

Revolution is possibly the best drugstore beauty brand for eyeshadow palettes. The variety of palettes this brand has to offer is fantastic. As for the products themselves, the pigmentation is amazing. I currently have two revolution palettes in my collection...

The first one is an all-matte eyeshadow palette. This is the Ultra Eye Contour Light and Shade palette. If you haven't guessed from the packaging, the name and the shades, this is a dupe for the Kat Von D Shade and Light eyeshadow palette. I can't compare this directly because I don't own the Kat Von D palette, but so far I've really been enjoying the Revolution palette. I really like how the shades are separated into neutral, cool and warm shades because it makes it easy to create specific eyeshadow looks. The pigmentation is so good and therefore the product is really easy to blend. 

The second eyeshadow palette is the Iconic Pro palette. I believe this is a dupe for the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. I love the warm tones of this palette, and its very satisfying to see a row of matte shades, and a row of shimmery shades. Using this palette, you can create countless looks with a warm undertone. so I get to carry a bit of my favourite season all year round. As I mentioned with the previous palette, the formula is very pigmented and easy to blend.

I would highly recommend Revolution if you're looking for affordable palettes that you can create a variety of looks with. I think they're so worth it.

What are your favourite drugstore eyeshadow palettes?

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Chloe Love Story

This fragrance smells and looks like a dream. I asked for Chloe Love Story for Christmas this year and every time I wear it I love it more. I really wanted something light, fresh and girly, so this really ticks all the boxes. I feel like feminine scents are either floral or sweet, and Love Story is a nice middle ground between girly and sophisticated. 

With notes of orange blossom and prunus flower, this is a fresh, floral and romantic fragrance. Because of that, it's not overpowering or to sweet - if sweet scents aren't really your thing. Love Story is fun, free and light - just the right frame of mind for the new year. Being an Eau de Toilette, the scent would be quite light anyway. Lastly, the packaging is so adorable. I love the gold and the pink ribbon.

If I feel like opting for a sweeter fragrance, I'll happily go back to Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande. However, Love Story is a beautiful floral option for a girly fragrance. 

What are your favourite fragrances? Sweet, floral, musky, spicy...what works for you?


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Like most beauty bloggers, I am obsessed with Real Techniques make up brushes. Recently, I purchased the Sculpting set which I am happy to review today.

This set includes three brushes - the finishing brush, the fan brush and the setting brush. These brushes are synthetic and are so soft on the skin. They pick up the perfect amount of products and the handle gives you a really good grip. I love the bright pink colour, too!

My favourite brush is probably the fan brush because quite frankly it was the one I wanted the most! I love it for applying highlighter - both powder and cream. It dusts over the desire places for highlight perfectly. It's also really easy to blend cream highlighter without half the product coming off.

The great thing about these brushes is that you can be really gentle with applying product. Especially with the finishing brush,  which is amazing for contouring and blending to make the look more natural. Then there's the setting brush, which is great for powder highlighters and powder.

This set has helped me so much when it comes to contouring and highlight. I'm able to blend the products so easily. These brushes really are fantastic quality, no wonder Real Techniques is such a popular brand!

Have you ever tried make up brushes from Real Techniques?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bringing Back Maybelline Colour Tattoos

The Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos are cream eyeshadows. I used to be obsessed with them when I first started my blog. and am happy to have them again! They have loads of shimmery shades and a few matte shades, all of which make fantastic eyeshadow bases or to create countless eyeshadow looks. They are some of my favourite make products because they're so pigmented and versatile.

This shade is called 'Pink Glam' and it's so pretty. As a gorgeous shimmery rose gold, it's perfect for beauty bloggers! It's really easy to create soft glam eyeshadow looks, and if you use it very lightly it's great for a fresh and pretty look.

This next one, On and On Bronze, used to be one of my essentials, after I heard Estee Lalonde (or essiebutton back then!) raving about it on her YouTube channel. It's so easy to use - just one swipe of this with eyeshadow blended in the crease and your good to go. That's just one of the looks you can create with this. The warm bronzy colour will suit anyone as well.

The next colour tattoo is one of the matte formulas in the shade 'Creamy Beige'. The matte colour tattoos are popular dupes for the MAC Paint Pots. Although this shade is quite dark, it's great for quick matte smokey eye or a base for a more dramatic look.

All three of these shades are so pretty. I'm thinking adding a gold shade soon and then my little collection will be complete. I highly recommend these if you like quick ways to create nice make up looks. They're also great if you like to experiment with make up. Also, as these are so pigmented, a little goes a long way.

Have you ever tried these? Are there any products that you have rediscovered?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Nyx Lip Lingerie

The Nyx Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks were one of my favourite beauty purchases last year. Ever since Nyx launched in Boots in the UK, these have been on my wishlist because the shade range is so good. I've already tried the Soft Matte Lip Creams (review here), so I had high hopes for Lip Lingerie collection.

For anyone who isn't aware, the Lip Lingerie range consists of nude liquid lipsticks in 12 shades. They are a matte formula, but the liquid product makes it feel weightless on the lips. Nyx liquid lipsticks never dry out my lips, but it's still best to use a lip balm beforehand for even application. Because most of this collection is nude, you don't necessarily need a lip liner but you can if you want a more accurate application.

One of the best things about this collection is the shade range, there is a really good choice of nude shades to flatter all skin tones. Whether you like warm, cool or neutral shades, there will be one for you. I tend to stick to warmer shades and pink nudes because the work best with my fair skin and the natural colour of my lips. 

I have three shades; Push Up, Bedtime Flirt and Exotic. Here are some swatches and a description of each shade....

Push Up is a warm beige pink shade. It works so well as a nude shade for me.

Bedtime Flirt is a nude pink. 

Exotic is a deep pink. 

I'm so happy with the Lip Lingerie range, the three shades I have really suit my skin tone and apply so nicely. They are fantastic dupes for the Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks, in terms of colour range, formula and packaging. They look just as good on your Instagram feed, too!

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, Nyx is definitely my favourite drugstore brand. As well as Lip Lingerie and the Soft Matte Lip Creams, they also have a range called Liquid Suede that I am eager to try. 

Have you tried any liquid lipsticks from Nyx? 


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Updated Mac Collection

My MAC collection may be small but I love it. Here it is!

I thought I'd start with lipsticks because Mac lipsticks are so iconic. The two lipsticks are Fanfare (mid-tone yellow pink, Satin finish) and Brave (a pink-beige, Lustre finish). I love Fanfare in the summer because it's slightly brighter than my average pink-nude. Whereas Brave is a nice pink-beige for everyday.

Following the lipsticks - although these shades don't go with the last two products, I also have two lip liners. I really wanted a burgundy lip liner for the autumn and winter months, so Mac's 'Burgundy' seemed just right. As well as that, I was super excited when I bought Whirl this year, the perfect nude lip liner! I may have to buy the lipstick itself....

But before that, this blusher is my current favourite. It's the matte blusher in the shade 'Mocha' and it's the perfect warm pink. I literally use it every day and the packaging is so nice. I've always wanted to try a Mac blusher, and I'm very happy this is my first.

This is probably my favourite thing in this collection, as my friends very kindly surprised me with the Amber Times Nine eyeshadow palette for my 18th birthday. It's literally my perfect palette, as the shades are warm neutrals and there is a great range of shimmer and matte shades. I love it so much.

Do you have any mac products?


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Beauty Favourites 2016

In 2016 my make up collection expanded so much that a little box became a drawer full of make up. My make up skills and knowledge of what suits me grew as well. With that being said, I knew had had to write a blog post about my favourite products of the last 12 months. There are products that have been out for years that I've been dying to try. There are new launches that every blogger had their eyes on. Here are my favourite beauty products of 2016 - eyes, lips and face!

Two of my favourite eyeshadow palettes have to be the Naked Ultimate Basics palette by Urban Decay, and the Mac Amber Times Nine palette. The Ultimate Basics is the perfect matte palette with a fantastic selection of warm, cool and neutral shades and the Amber Times Nine palette is stunning. I haven't worn eyeliner as much this year, but when I have the L'Oreal Superliner has been my favourite because it's so easy to use. My favourite mascara has been the Max Factor False Lash Effect Epic mascara because it gives my lashes amazing volume and separation.

Moving on to face make up, and I finally got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. It has great coverage and doesn't feel heavy on the skin. L'Oreal revamped their True Match foundation range with 22 new shades from porcelain to dark skin. I was so happy to find the perfect shade for my very fair skin. This year I also purchased my first Mac blusher in the shade Mocha, and have been obsessing over the Urban Decay highlighter 'Sin'.

2016 was the year of liquid lipsticks. I am a proud owner of six Kylie Cosmetic liquid lipsticks, as I purchased the mini matte collection from Kylie's birthday launch. The formula and pigmentation is so good, and they last all day on the lips. No matter what people say about Kylie, she's done a incredible job with her cosmetic line. Another one of my favourite brands for liquid lipsticks this year has to be Nyx, I have a few of the Soft Matte Lip Creams and the Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. They are definitely my favourite drugstore brand for lip products!

If 2016 was a good year for beauty, 2017 has its work cut out! I can't wait to see what the beauty world has in store (see what I did there? haha).

What were your favourite beauty products of 2016?

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Goals For 2017

Happy New Year!!! It's the first day of 2017 and I already have a blog post up. I hope that suggests this will be a good year for my blog.

I believe that the more good you put into your life, the more good things will come to you. Half 'working for I want' and half 'go with the flow' is my attitude towards everything. When the New Year comes around I like to set myself goals and write them down, and the rest is up to the universe and for appreciate and enjoy what the next year will bring. Good things come to those who make the most of it!

After that insight into my personality, here are my goals for 2017. Some of them are work-related, some blog related and some are about life in general.

1. Pass my A Levels - For the first half of the year, this will probably be my priority. I'm not aiming for the highest grades, but I still want to do the best I can.

2. Save money - This is probably going to be for a holiday, but I want to get better at saving money and when something comes around I know I can afford it.

3. Look for an apprenticeship - The idea of apprenticeships really appeals to me, so this year I'm going to search for possible courses.

4. Make a blogging schedule and stick to it - Although I took some breaks last year, when I was blogging I really enjoyed it. I have a feeling that 2017 will be an amazing year for my blog, and a schedule is one of the key things to making that possible.

5. Improve my blog photography - I started using a new camera in 2016 and it really improved my photography. I want to take brighter, better quality photos and experiment with flat lays for beauty posts, as well as locations for fashion posts. 

6. Take care of my nails - This may not be a drastic change, but I really want to take care of my nails. I just want to make them strong and healthy, and a really nice, long shape. Having good nails is a sign of being organised and taking care of yourself.

7. Embrace all the seasons - This mainly applies to spring and summer because I'm simply much more comfortable with the colder months. But this year I want enjoy spring and summer for what they are and not complain about the heat or how much I miss wearing jumpers!

8. Go on a city break  - I love to spend a few days in a beautiful city abroad. Most parts of every city are fun all year round. If I had to choose one it would be Paris, it just looks so beautiful. If I don't make it abroad, I love London so I'd happily spend a few days there.

9. Make an effort to keep in contact with people - This is the year that many of my friends will be off to uni, so this year it will mean a lot to spend time with them and keep in touch with them. But I also want to talk to family I don't see all the time. As well as that, I want to be more active on social media and within the blogging community!

10. Have a busy, unforgettable summer - After college I'm going to have a pretty long summer so I really want to make the most of it. 

11. Eat healthier - Over the last year I've been paying more attention to eating healthier. I'm going make the healthy choices a much as possible, but treat myself as well. 

This is my bucket list for 2017. I think it's important to set goals that you know are possible and realistic. I really want to have the right balance of working to achieve these goals, as well as trusting what happens naturally. Hopefully, the more good I put into my life, the more universe will give back.

I wish you all the best for 2017. What's on your bucket list?

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