Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Fall Flat Lay with Adore Me

I like to think my blog is a very positive corner of the internet. I wouldn't want it to be anything else. It's a way to share my interest and passions whilst connecting with like minded people. When you feel really proud and passionate about something it makes you more confident. Confidence is something I've often struggled with as I'm naturally a quiet, introverted person. One of the ways I like to feel more confident is to focus on things that make me feel happy, whether it's something about me, other people, blogging, or just the little things.

So when Adore Me reached out and asked me I'd like to create the perfect fall flat lay, I had to say yes. Adore Me is an intimates, sleepwear and activewear brand that encourages body positivity. self love and confidence - three subjects that I fully support. Plus, Fall/Autumn is my favourite season, every blogger loves a pretty flat lay. Using the colours of the season and some of my favourite accessories, here is the fall flat lay I was inspired to create. I know it's nearly winter, but lets make the most of the last days of autumn!

As it's a fall-inspired flat lay, I had to include earthy colours and a cute jumper. This jumper is new from Oasis and it's the perfect transitional jumper between fall and winter, with the green and the stunning jeweled detailed on the shoulders and along the neckline. Green is my favourite colour, too! I really like the brown bralette, the lace detail is really pretty and the colour is nice for autumn/fall.

There are also a few make up bits in this flat lay. What better season to wear burgundy lips than fall? I included the Kylie Cosmetic mini liquid lipstick in Leo, as well as an exciting new purchase from Mac - the lip liner 'Burgundy'. Autumn is also the perfect time for warm colours, just like the shades in the Amber Times Nine palette by Mac.

The last couple of things that make this flat lay complete are this watch that my dad gave to me, as well as a scented candle to make this flat lay a little more cosy. Although Shea Butter by Yankee Candle isn't the most autumnal  scent, it's still nice and relaxing for a cosy night in. 

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  1. Such a cute post and like you said, very positive! That Mac palette looks beautiful! x

    Kate// itskaterose.blogspot.com



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