Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Fall Flat Lay with Adore Me

I like to think my blog is a very positive corner of the internet. I wouldn't want it to be anything else. It's a way to share my interest and passions whilst connecting with like minded people. When you feel really proud and passionate about something it makes you more confident. Confidence is something I've often struggled with as I'm naturally a quiet, introverted person. One of the ways I like to feel more confident is to focus on things that make me feel happy, whether it's something about me, other people, blogging, or just the little things.

So when Adore Me reached out and asked me I'd like to create the perfect fall flat lay, I had to say yes. Adore Me is an intimates, sleepwear and activewear brand that encourages body positivity. self love and confidence - three subjects that I fully support. Plus, Fall/Autumn is my favourite season, every blogger loves a pretty flat lay. Using the colours of the season and some of my favourite accessories, here is the fall flat lay I was inspired to create. I know it's nearly winter, but lets make the most of the last days of autumn!

As it's a fall-inspired flat lay, I had to include earthy colours and a cute jumper. This jumper is new from Oasis and it's the perfect transitional jumper between fall and winter, with the green and the stunning jeweled detailed on the shoulders and along the neckline. Green is my favourite colour, too! I really like the brown bralette, the lace detail is really pretty and the colour is nice for autumn/fall.

There are also a few make up bits in this flat lay. What better season to wear burgundy lips than fall? I included the Kylie Cosmetic mini liquid lipstick in Leo, as well as an exciting new purchase from Mac - the lip liner 'Burgundy'. Autumn is also the perfect time for warm colours, just like the shades in the Amber Times Nine palette by Mac.

The last couple of things that make this flat lay complete are this watch that my dad gave to me, as well as a scented candle to make this flat lay a little more cosy. Although Shea Butter by Yankee Candle isn't the most autumnal  scent, it's still nice and relaxing for a cosy night in. 

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Cosy Winter Essentials

In the summer I wrote a post about my fashion essentials for that season. So, this time around it makes perfect sense to show you what winter essentials I've had my eye on. This wishlist shows a small selection of winter jumpers, PJ's and accessories from the likes of Esprit, Topshop and Primark. As well as it being party season, Winter is all about feeling cosy and comfortable for everyday wear. That's what this wishlist is all about.

The colour palette of this wishlist is pretty neutral and would suit anybody. I love the two jumpers from Esprit, you can't go wrong with a basic cream jumper, and the one that says 'super' on it in gold is so cute and uplifting for cold days. A chunky cardigan is also a must for my winter wardrobe just like this grey and white cardigan, also from Esprit. The wool blend pattern would add some amazing texture to an all-black outfit. Paired with a roll neck top, jeans and ankle boots, I imagine this would be an effortless way to keep warm and look good.

More winter essentials include this lovely checkered scarf from Topshop, it looks so big and the soft colours are so pretty. I love the touch of pink. These touch screen gloves from Esprit look so cute, and allow you to use your phone whilst keeping your hands warm. Lastly, I had to include some cosy pyjamas because it wouldn't be winter without them. I love how they are long and have The Little Mermaid on them. Primark's range of pyjamas is probably my favourite on the high street.

What are your cosy winter essentials?


Sunday, 20 November 2016

'No Make-Up' Make up Favourites

I may have mentioned in my last post, 'Three Thoughts', how much I've been into wearing more simple make up, or 'no make up' make up. Although it may seem quite ironic to do your make up in order to pretend you're not wearing any, it's so easy and fresh for everyday. Lately I've just really enjoyed stripping it back and embracing the cliche 'less is more'. Here is what I use to achieve 'no make up' make up!

When it comes 'no make up' make up, the fewer products you use the better. The key is just enhancing the features that make you look most awake. For many, the main area of focus is the eyes. I create a very light eyeshadow look with the Naked Ultimate Basics palette, a little sweep of mascara and lightly define my brows with Benefit's Goof Proof brow pencil. It gives you so much control when it comes to shaping and defining your brows. With base make up, I can get away with just concealer and the Naked Skin Concealer by Urban Decay has amazing coverage.

I think cream highlight and blusher is best for natural make up because you only need a small amount. High Beam by Benefit creates a lovely glow from within and Posie Tint, also benefit adds a naturally flushed look to my very pale skin. You can also use it as a lip tint as a light lip stain effect. But if you still want a nice nude lip, the Nyx Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks are perfect.

Do you like wearing 'no make up' make up? What products do you use when going for a more natural look? 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Three Things

I wrote a blog post ages ago explaining that every once in a while, I will post a little something about what I'm enjoying or what's been on my mind. So, here is the latest addition...

Simple make up

I've really been enjoying wearing softer make up or 'no make up' make up lately. It's so much quicker in the mornings and I really like a more natural look. Sometimes on my fair skin, lighter make up is more flattering for everyday. Maybe I'm using this time as a break before the festive season begins and full glam is underway...

The build up to Christmas has begun

Speaking of the festive season, the shops are piling up with Christmas gifts and decorations, and your favourite coffee shop has probably started selling it's festive drinks. The build up to Christmas is really starting to kick in. It almost feels to soon to get excited, but I can't help it!

Being grateful for people in your life

One of the most valuable things I've learnt this year is to surround yourself with positive, like minded people. Those you can truly be yourself around and they love you for that. Sometimes you realise those people have been there all along, and you realise how grateful you are to have them in your life.


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A/W Fragrances 2016

I love having two or three options when it comes to fragrance, it's not too much or too little. I tend to have one cheaper, everyday body spray and one perfume for weekends, special occasions etc. Here are my current favourites for this season!

The Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Amber Romance is my only body spray this season.  The name and the warm amber colour of the bottle are so autumnal. More importantly, the scent is a 'seductive, warm fragrance' and with notes of conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. It's a very warm, relaxing scent with a hint of spice, perfect for this time of year! The scent lasts a pretty long time, and given the size of the bottle you can really make this product last.

In contrast, this season's perfume is a lot sweeter. This is Sweet Like Candy, the latest addition to Ariana Grande's perfume range. I loved her previous fragrance, Ari, so I was really happy when I recieved this for my birthday. As the name suggests, this perfume is very sweet, with notes of juicy blackberry, marshmellow, and vanilla.  I love it though, and just the smallest spray of this perfume is so powerful. There's no way I can ignore the packaging for this fragrance, the matte pastel pink bottle is so cute, very photo-worthy. This colour seems to be everywhere at the moment.

What are your favourite fragrances? Do you have one cult favourite or do you like to change it up sometimes?

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Autumn Colour - Burnt Orange

We've still got a little bit left of Autumn so I'm making the most of it with this post. Saying that, everywhere I look is full of beautiful golden leaves at the moment! This has been one of my favourite casual outfits this season. It's comfortable and cute, and matches the autumnal colour palette pretty well.

This super cosy cardigan is one of my favourite autumn colours - a warm burnt orange. It reminds me of leaves, cinnamon, pumpkin and all those orange things to do with Autumn. It's from Urban Outfitters, but last year so I've tried to find similar items if your interested. It's honestly so cosy and nice to wrap up in as its slightly oversized. The white ribbed top from H&M is so versatile, and flattering. The high neck also makes it very on trend. With a simple pair of high waisted blue jeans, and adorable stone coloured ankle boots, this is a great way to combine basic pieces together an effortless Autumn outfit!

How do you like to style outfits for Autumn?

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