Sunday, 28 June 2015

My MAC Lipsticks

Every beauty lover loves a Mac lipstick, don't they? It's not hard to with their signature packaging, formulas and variety of shades to choose from. I currently have two Mac lipsticks in my make up collection, and hope to build up over time. Here are the two pretty pinks in my collection..

The one on the right is Fanfare, which I got in April earlier this year. It's a fairly bright redish pink (I think so anyway). It can be used as an everyday colour because it's not too 'in your face', but adds an extra bit of colour. Of course, you can build it up for a more dramatic look. This is a Cremesheen lipstick, so the formula feels very nice on the lips.

The second lipstick is Creme Cup: a lighter, more natural pink. I got this in October last year, it's had more use than Fanfare which is why the shapes of the lipstick look different. Creme Cup is such a pretty colour which you can also wear as an everyday lipstick. Almost like slightly brighter nude pink. This is also a Cremesheen lipstick so the formula is also lovely.

Left: Creme Cup, Right: Fanfare

Those are my current Mac lipsticks. I'd love to add more as well. Perhaps a red or a berry colour for the autumn/winter. We'll have to wait and see...

Do you have any Mac lipsticks, what are your favourites? Are there any that you have your eye on?



Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pinboard - Summer Update

My pin-board one of my favourite things in my room, whatever you put on there adds that extra bit of personality.

I change it around whenever we enter a new season, so it puts me in a good mood for that time of year whenever I look at it.

As you may be able to tell, summer has taken over! You'll find beautiful beaches, pools and some of my favourite cities in the sunshine. There are a few sunsets as well, because they're just one of the beautiful things that summer brings.

Pictures of my friends, family and celebrities always have a space as well. Some photos bring back fun memories and some of them inspire me because the people on here make me very happy. Seeing as it's summer, I hope to add more pictures over the next couple of months because we'll have the time off to have more fun!

My pin-board isn't complete without a few cute, uplifting quotes. They're all bright and colourful to match the summer theme. The pink 'you are beautiful...' one is my favourite. As usual, there's a couple of Taylor Swift lyrics as well from Shake It Off and 22.

Do you have a pin-board, or lots of pictures in your room? How do you like to make your space perfect for you?


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Childhood Favourites

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, or know me in real life, you may know that I'm now finished with school and my summer has started (more blog posts, yay!). I'm definitely growing up and will be attending college in September, and turning 17 the following month.

Recently I've been thinking about things that I've loved regarding entertainment throughout my childhood, from a little girl to teenager. When I really love an artist/film/TV show, it'll usually be in my life for ages, and be responsible for a lot of  memories. I thought it would be fun to share my childhood favourites with you, it might even remind you of things that you used to love!

I absolutely adored Barbie, they made a regular appearance as birthday and Christmas presents for many years. I'm really not very sporty, so I always loved playing with Barbies and making up little scenarios. There were also several Barbie films that I loved (Swan Lake, Princess and the Pauper, 12 Dancing Princesses, weirdest names ever if you're not familiar with them), so I obviously had to have the dolls from those films, too! I used to love the dresses and the fact that they could sing or talk, and often imagined having their clothes in human sizes! Yep, Barbie was a key part of my childhood.

Girls Aloud
To use the language of 2015, Girls Aloud were definitely the first singer/band for me to 'stan'. In fact, my first ever concert was their Tangled Up tour in 2008! That's very important to me. I have all their albums and tend to listen to them from time to time. I was always obsessed with their music videos too. Linking back to Barbie, I even had Girls Aloud in Barbie form! Cheryl was always my favourite and I'm still a fan of her now, but Girls Aloud were amazing. 

Disney Channel
I grew up in the era of Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Sonny With A Chance. Demi, Selena and Miley were literally my idols, I still love Demi and Selena now. These shows had big influence on me, especially Hannah Montana a you would find merchandise all over my room and the albums on repeat. What girl wouldn't want her amazing closet? We can't forget the incredible films Disney gave us either. Of course, I'm talking about High School Musical and Camp Rock! Disney will never be the same again and if I watched these shows now they would definitely make me laugh and smile.

Boy bands
Of course, there has to be a boy band (or several!). For me there were two particular boybands that caught my attention (if you follow me on Twitter you might have already guessed one of them!). The first group I'm going to mention was brought on thanks to my Disney phase: the Jonas Brothers. I was obsessed and drove my family mad. Nick was a ultimate crush and although I'm not a fan of him now, whenever I see him on the tele it takes me back to those times! I even saw them live in 2009. 

However, not long after I said goodbye to my Jonas phase, another boy band caught my eye/ears and saw me through half of my teenage years: The Wanted. Out of all my favourites, I probably felt the closest to this one because I was discovering social media at the same time! I loved The Wanted, their songs were so fun and the boys were very funny. I always had a (huge) soft spot of Nathan and although The Wanted aren't together anymore, I'm still supporting him now which is still just as fun!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my childhood, a lot of memories passed through my mind whilst writing this!

Did this post remind you of any childhood favourites? What did you love, or still love now?


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Summer Nail Polish Wishlist

Pastels for spring. Brights for summer. Dark for autumn and winter.

Yep, I'm definitely one of those girls who loves to match the colour of my nails to the seasons. who wants to wear dark, gloomy colours when the sun is shining? As of Tuesday my GCSE's will be over and my summer will begin. So without further ado, I made wishlist of some bold, bright and beautiful colours for summer. They're all under £10 and there's a good selection of colours.

First up, the festival-inspired nail polishes. In the top left corner we have Green Fields by Models Own; very bright for those who love green. Rimmel have a festival-inspired collection for the summer with Rita Ora: Port-A-Loo Blue (not the most attractive name but a beautiful blue) and Glaston-berry for a bright summery red.

No nail polish wishlist is complete without Barry M and here we have four colours. The amazing Gelly range have so many colours for summer, but I picked Kiwi, Papaya and Grapefruit for this post. I think the fruity names make these nail polishes even more summery! As well as that, Speedy Quick Dry nail paint in On Your Marks is a yellow nail polish which is ideal for the sunshine. Lastly, Essie's Splash of Grenadine brings a bit of purple to this wishlist which isn't as bright as the other colours.

There you have it, a collection of budget-friendly nail polishes for the warmer months. There are loads more I could include, but I think this is enough for now! Maybe I could do a not-so-bright summer wishlist?

Are there any summery nail polishes you have your eye on? 


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