Wednesday, 29 April 2015

100th Post and My Favourite Blogs

This is a special post because this is my 100th post! *Insert party emojis here* Although there's been several breaks over the last year, I'm very proud of my little blog and I think 100 posts is an amazing achievement for any blogger. Three years ago I discovered the beauty world of YouTube and blogs, and here I am now with my 100th blog post. Wow!

Of course, if it wasn't for all the other incredible blogs out there I wouldn't have been inspired to create my own one. Therefore, for my 100th blog post I thought it would be nice to share 10 of my favourite blogs (not 100, that would take way too long!) with you.

Beauty Crush - Sammi's is mainly fashion and her outfit posts are gorgeous. I've been reading her blog for so long. She also has a YouTube channel and she's one of my favourite youtubers as well.

Career Girl Daily - This blog has become one of my favourites over the last year or so. The girls at CGD post advice on anything a girl could need, from beauty to work, several times a day. I find their blog very helpful and inspiring.

Essiebutton - How can you not love Estee? Her blog mainly focuses on beauty, but there are fashion and lifestyle posts too. She's so funny and I love the design of her blog as it suits her so well.

Frassy - This blog was featured in Company magazine last summer so I thought I would check it out, and I fell in love with it. Everything about this blog is beautiful, from the stunning pictures to the way the posts written, like she's telling a story.

Hello October - Suzie is a blogger from the beautiful seaside town of Brighton, which you can see amazing pictures of on her blog. I love her style and her posts are written in a funny, relatable way whilst still being informative. As a fellow October girl, I love Suzie's blog as well as her YouTube channel.

Lily Pebbles - Lily's blog is combination of beauty, lifestyle and London (which is probably my favourite part of her blog). Her blog had a huge makeover a little while ago and it looks so cool, really easy to navigate.

Milk Bubble Tea - This is such a cute blog and one that I've been reading for so long!

Pearls and Poodles  - This blog has such a cute name, and the content is wonderful too. The photos are amazing and every post is a great read.

The Sunday Girl - This blog has beauty posts, mainly reviews, available every single day. They're really good, informative reviews with details of every aspect of the products. You'll also find helpful beauty tips.

What Olivia Did  - Olivia is so beautiful and so is her blog. I particularly love her outfit posts as they're always taken in the coolest settings.

It took a while to decide who to include in this post because there are so many blogs that I love. Let me know who's blogs you love to read and if you have any in common with me.



Sunday, 26 April 2015

April Favourites

Here we are, yet another favourites post! I've really enjoyed this month and the weather has treated us Brits very well. Now let's crack on with what I've been loving throughout April...

We'll start with beauty. Annoyingly, I suffer from quite dry skin on my arms so this product has been really helpful. There's no real difference the first time, but after a few uses of the Scrub of your Life from Soap and Glory (£7.00) my skin has started to feel better. It smells lovely & sweet and the tube is quite big so it lasts a while.while. I've also enjoyed using The Righteous Butter. The consistency of the butter is slightly runnier than other body butters like The Body Shop ones, so it takes slightly less time to apply (even though The Body Shop's range is amazing!). This also leaves my skin feeling unbelievably soft and it smells divine. Another winner from Soap and Glory; which you can find in Boots for £10.50.

This Spring Barry M released another new range of nail polishes, this time around - Speedy Quick Dry. Obviously, they are quick-dry nail polishes that claim to dry your nails in about a minute. If you don't apply the polish too thick, then they'll work. The colour range, with speed/racing inspired names, is beautiful; at the moment it consists of pastel shades for Spring but they might add more as the seasons change. I have the pale coral 'In a Heartbeat', a mint green 'Road Rage' and a lovely pastel pink called 'Kiss Me Quick'. For £3.99 each, I recommend!

I won't go on about this for too long as I have a special post coming soon, but this month I treated myself to my 2nd MAC lipstick. It's very pretty indeed. Mac's 'Fanfare' is from the 'Cremesheen' range and it's a beautiful bright but natural pink and the formula is lovely and smooth to apply.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I went to see Nathan Sykes live in London. He was amazing and I couldn't believe how close I was. He sang some new songs from his upcoming solo album which sound so good! I love 'Money' and 'Over and Over Again' (you'll find the performances on YouTube if you'd like to have a listen) Nathan is an incredible performer and I've been a fan of him for so long, so I was very happy and proud to see him perform at the start of his solo career.

What have you enjoyed throughout April?



Thursday, 23 April 2015

Boohoo Wishlist

At the moment I'm studying for my GCSE exams (which is why blogging has been slow, sorry!). So of course; with revision, there's procrastination. Therefore, I've spent a bit of time eyeing up gorgeous items on Boohoo. If you're unaware, it's a popular online shop in the UK. There are some incredible pieces that are very affordable; so I thought I would make a wishlist, which hasn't been on the blog for a while!

*Playsuit - £15.00, Playsuit - £15.00, Hat - £12.00, Jacket - £12.00, Skirt - £10.00, Dress - £15.00*

Perhaps my style is starting to change; there's no floral print in sight! That's not necessarily a bad thing because it's good to experiment with your style.

 I really like the idea of playsuits at the moment they're so easy to wear. On this wishlist, you can see a simple stripy playsuit and a bright, crazy playsuit which would look great on holiday or at a festival. I'm definitely thinking of summer for this wishlist! Apparently, khaki is meant to be a popular colour this season, and it's a colour that's always suited my skin tone and hair. Therefore, I love the look of this dress.  T-shirt dresses look casual yet fashionable and comfortable to wear. In my head, I could imagine this dress with ankle boots and the gorgeous black hat above it (which would also look great with the bright playsuit).
 Lastly, the A-line skirt has such an interesting print and there's a black jacket with scalloped detail for something simple but different.

Do you like Boohoo? What shops are you loving at the moment? 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Quick Dry Nail Spray - A lifesaver!

Waiting for your nail polish to dry is never fun, right? Especially when you're trying not to smudge them as well. That's why several nail polish brands and more have their own quick-dry nail sprays: lifesavers! I have two here for you from Elegant Touch and Leighton Denny.

Elegant Touch can be found in the drugstore with their fabulous stick-on nails. This spray works wonders and leaves your nails dry in 60 seconds at a price of £2.90!

This spray costs £11, so more expensive than Elegant Touch but still just as good! The mist also conditions the cuticles whilst speeding up drying time.

There you go, one product at two different prices. If you don't already own a quick-dry spray for your nails I strongly recommend them as they save you a bit of time and prevent smudging. As well as that, there are plenty of quick -dry nails polishes available everywhere!

Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourites

Have you noticed anything? Look around, emilymillerloves has a new design! I'm really happy with it; let me know what you think of it too! Anyways, here we are again: monthly favourites time! March is full of birthdays for me, so it's a really fun month. We're already in April but that won't stop me from sharing what I've loved throughout March...

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Tropical 
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say dry shampoo is one of my essential products. For me, no one does it like Batiste! I always pick up 'Blush' which has a girly, floral fragrance but this time I chose 'Tropical' which works just as well. It prevents greasy hair, adds volume and smells AMAZING. It smells of coconut and summer and beaches: *insert heart-eyed emoji here*. I definitely recommend it, along with the rest of the Batiste range because there's a scent for everyone.

Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner
I tried Aussie for the first time at the end of February and I'm really impressed with it. It makes my hair feel shiny and clean without feeling heavy or greasy. The smell is lovely too. Overall, a really great duo that I've been loving throughout March.

No7 lip pencil
This is such a pretty red and the formula is so smooth and easy to apply. With this product, you ca control how intense you want the colour to be depending on how many coats you apply. I also found it left a light stain on my lips, which I liked. The staying power isn't perfect, overall it's good enough to be in a favourites post.

Moving onto lifestyle favourites...

Nathan Sykes -More Than You'll Ever Know

I am a huge fan of  Nathan so I was very happy when he released his first solo single earlier this month. More Than You'll Ever Know is amazing! It has a fun, catchy, soulful sound and Nathan's voice has never sounded so good! It's not his official single (although that will be coming soon), but more of a treat for the fans and to give us a feel of what his new sound is like. If you haven't heard it, here's the video (which I've also been loving this month!)..

Pretty Little Liars


So Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars came to an end last week and it was creepy, confusing and amazing. It feels like the beginning of the end now that we know who A is, but we've still got two more seasons to go! If you have no idea what I'm talking about and have never watched PLL before, it strongly recommend you do!

That brings us to the end of this month's favourites. I hope March has treated you well, and I hope April does too. I'll be doing lots of revision ahead of my GCSE exams in May, but I'm also going to see Nathan Sykes on the 15th in London so I'll be looking forward to that!

Have a great day :)

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