Friday, 20 February 2015

New Things

Trying new things can be a lot of fun. Here are four things that I am eager to try out regarding fashion, beauty and food. These are things I've seen around for ages, but never had the confidence to try them myself! Better late than never, I suppose..

1. Red Lips
I've been watching beauty videos and reading posts etc for nearly 2 years and I've never bought or even tried a red lip! It's an iconic make up look that suits any skin tone if you chose the right ones. I thought I could never pull of a red lip because I've never tried one! Better late than never I suppose, look out for a red lip post soon!

2. Bronzer
With my pale skin, I've always been scared to try out bronzer because I thought it wouldn't suit me. However, there are many beautiful bloggers/youtubers with fair skin like me that can work bronzer perfectly, so why do I need to worry? I think it's all about choosing the right one that's not too dark; and I've had my eye on The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer for a while..

3. Crop tops with high waisted or matching bottoms
I love the look of crop tops with high waisted jeans/skirts/shorts but I've always thought that it wouldn't be flattering on me. It's a trend that's been around for ages and you don't have to show your whole belly, but just a little bit of skin. Also, I love the look of two pieces, matching crop tops with bottoms like Taylor Swift.

4. Smoothies
I already love smoothies, they're so fruity, refreshing and healthy. We're going to get a blender soon so I'm looking forward to trying out all sorts of delicious mixes. They're easy to make and will taste even better during Spring and Summer. Is it just me or does fruit become much more tasty and appetizing when the sun is out?

Are there any new things that you would like to try?


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I'm stronger than I've been before...

Whenever I need a confidence boost, I have a playlist that I turn to. It's full of songs that are about girl power, self-belief, confidence and loving life. Music can help change your mood for the better, and these are my go-to 'I can do anything' tunes...

The playlist doesn't even have a title. These emoji's describe it perfectly. 

Salute - Little Mix

This song is so empowering, it screams girl power. It makes me feel unstoppable and like I can conquer the world. The music video is even more fierce. 'Can't stop a hurricane, ladies it's time to awake!'

Run The World (Girls) - Beyoncé

I can't have a playlist like this without Beyoncé. Full of confidence and female empowerment, this is quite similar to Salute. You're the one who rules your world.

Roar - Katy Perry

This song is about overcoming something and letting your voice be heard. An amazing song to start your day or put you in a good mood.

Break Free - Ariana Grande feat. Zedd 

A lot of people many think this song is about a relationship, but I like to interpret it a different way. For me, this song is about being strong and letting go of anything that's getting you down. 

Are there any songs that make you feel on top of the world?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Thinking Positive #23

For this week's Thinking Positive I thought I'd let the quote do most of the talking..

This week (and every week), don't give up when it may seem difficult or pointless. The outcome could be all you've ever wanted. Keep on going!


Friday, 13 February 2015

Who's Taylor Swift anyway? Ew.

*The title of this post is from the song 22, I didn't make it up. That would have been weird*

As you may know by now, I have a lot of love for Taylor Swift. I've been a fan of her for quite a few years and her music is known all over the world. She may have sold millions of records, but she is one in a million. Despite her talent and success, she so down to earth and is one of the kindest celebrities in the music industry, especially towards her fans. It's been just over a year since I saw Taylor live at the Red tour, and the music video or Style is released today. Therefore I thought I would share with you why so many people, like myself, are truly inspired by Taylor Swift...

'It's like I got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be alright...' Shake It Off, 1989

Taylor Swift at the KIIS FM’s 2014 Jingle Ball

Of course, her music. It's why we know Taylor, its what she does for a living! Over the past few years Taylor's music has connected with millions of people. Fans admire her relatable, honest lyrics and catchy. inspiring songs. Taylor is so passionate about music and songwriting and it truly shows through her songs. Yes, many of her songs are about the ups and downs of relationships but she has also written about bullying (Mean), having fun with your friends (22), growing up (Never Grow Up) and forgetting the haters (Shake It Off). Taylor always pulls of amazing videos that fit her songs perfectly, as well as live performances that blow people away.

'We never go out of style..' Style, 1989

I've mentioned Taylor's style numerous times on emilymillerloves because I love it so much. Her outfits are put together so well and always looks very sophisticated. From the red carpet to casual candids, Taylor style is on point all year round. As she grows up, her style becomes more mature whilst keeping that feminine touch.  However, what I love most about Taylor's style is that she always stays true to herself. I love it when she pairs a crop top with matching bottoms, as well as her signature winged eyes and red lips. She wears what she feels comfortable wearing, whilst still not being afraid to try something new.

'I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you' - Long Live, Speak Now

The relationship that Taylor has with her fans (or swifties) is unlike any other artist. She truly appreciates and cares about us; she lets know that. Taylor is forever connecting with her fans via Tumblr and Instagram, she'll chat & fan-girl with us like we're her friends. She also uses social media to send considerate, heartwarming messages if they're going through a rough time, again like a best friend would. Taylor loves her fans, and they love her right back. Taylor has also been sending gifts to fans and invited them to her own houses to listen to 1989 early! Taylor Swift has a heart of gold when it comes to her fans!

'Too late is never too late to be brand new' - Innocent, Speak Now

Taylor is simply a good person. That's another reason why she's so inspiring. She is so nice to people and respectful, and it shows because people have good things to say about her. Despite being one of the most successful artists on the planet, at award shows you'll always see her dancing and cheering on other artists. Her life is under a microscope 90% of the time but she is so down to earth. I think Taylor is very strong, courageous and confident, but also very caring, grateful and sweet.

'Someday I'll be living in a big old city' - Mean, Speak Now

Taylor has worked hard for her success, and I admire her for that. She's gone from singing about finding a place in this world to living in one of the worlds biggest cities. She may have had some criticism along the way, but that made her work harder. Taylor is an incredible example of someone who believes in herself, is passionate about what she does, works hard and enjoys herself. Those four factors are extremely important and it's something I've learned from Taylor over the last few years.

There are so many people, famous or not, that I idolize; Taylor is one of them. I feel like I've grown up with her and her music. She is a wonderful person and I'm glad I have a woman like her to look up to. Therefore, I hope you enjoyed reading this post about Taylor, maybe you love her as well! If not, that's completely fine because everybody has their own idols. Who inspires you and why?


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Best Dressed at the 57th Grammy Awards 2015

One of the most important events on the music calendar, the Grammy awards took place on Sunday. I love it when shows like the Grammys come around because its a chance for artists and fans to enjoy the best music around.  As well as some incredible performances and winners (Sam Smith with FOUR Grammys!), there was some beautiful fashion too with some of the most beautiful women in the world. These are my favourite looks from the red carpet...

Ariana Grande looked so mature in this stunning white dress from Versace. The silver detail on the side of the dress changes quite a simple dress into something a little unique. I also love her neutral make up and signature high ponytail. 

There were several black dresses at this years Grammys, but my favourite was Beyonce looking as beautiful as ever in a dress by Proenza Schouler. The cut-out detail with hints of shimmer is amazing and Beyonce's simple waves look great. Beyonce won her 20th Grammy this year for Best RnB performance.

Bringing some British talent to the Grammy's, Rita Ora took to the red carpet in this dazzling dress by Prada. Lots of silver and metallic detail make this dress very eye-catching. 

Lastly, Taylor Swift added a pop of colour in this stunning dress by Elie Saab. The ombre of blue, high-to-low skirt and overlay of shimmer create the perfect look. Taylor never fails to look amazing on the red carpet, and dress is no exception. It's different to any dress I've seen on her, but its still looks classy. Blue is one of my favourite colours on Taylor.

Did you watch the Grammys? Who's red carpet look was your favourite? I love doing fashion posts like this, combining my love for fashion and music. Look out for another red carpet post when the biggest names in music come to London for the Brit awards!


Friday, 6 February 2015


Tumblr, what would I do without it? I probably wouldn't procrastinate as much! I'm not planning on deleting it though. I signed up a couple of years ago and I was so confused at first, but you get used to it in no time. Like all the others, it's a way to share your opinions/interests and connect with people. In my opinion, Tumblr is a great social network which I never get bored of. I thought I'd tell you why...

Your blog, your rules.
What I love most about Tumblr is that you can make your blog about anything you want. You can customize it however you want. Some people like their blog to be a certain theme; from beaches to Taylor Swift to food. Whereas some users don't have a theme, they have a collection of everything they love, like me! Honestly, if you took a scroll through my blog it would be like scrolling through my mind because there's fashion, beauty, music, cities, food, quotes, flowers, beaches...basically everything I love. Everybody's Tumblr is different.

Tumblr is huge, and you can find some of the most beautiful pictures on there. When you find a good blog, you can scroll for ages staring at the relaxing photos of the beach, or mouth-watering food. Whenever I feel like updating my pin-board, I'll always go to Tumblr of inspiration. I tend to use Tumblr as an alternative to Google images. If you're into photography and want to share your creativity, Tumblr is a great way to do that because it's social media. You can also show your editing skills as I see some of the cleverest, prettiest editing on there.
Quotes are very popular on Tumblr, whether it's a picture or a piece of text. Sometimes you can find ones that make you think a different way and inspire you. I love quotes and the ones from my 'Thinking Positive' posts are always found on Tumblr. Some of the beautiful photos can inspire you, too.

Express yourself
Every form of social media allows you to express yourself and connect with people. A lot of then time I notice people coming to Tumblr to talk about their problems, and their is always someone who will reply and try to help. You can write something and you'll notice thousands of people feel the same way. People also talk about current events on Tumblr. On the other hand, if you belong to a fan base, there are thousands of blogs that love the same artists/movies/TV shows as you. You can obsess over your idol to your hearts content without feeling like you're the only one! If your lucky, you might even get noticed by your idol (Taylor is always on tumblr talking to her fans!).

It's relaxing
There are many ways to relax. You can read a book, watch TV or go for a walk. Do whatever helps you to relax. One of my favourite ways to relax at the end of the day is to open up tumblr and just scroll. Immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of Tumblr.

This post is something quite different from me, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. I think I'm going to incorporate more random/lifestyle posts on here instead of fashion and beauty all the time. That way, I have a lot more ideas for content. If you have tumblr, perhaps you agreed with some of the points I made. If you don't, this might have inspired you to try it out!

That's all for this post, guess where I'm going now...


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

January Favourites

Look at that, it's nearly February. I hope 2015 has had a good start for you. How are your New Years resolution's yet? Keep on going, you're doing great! The time has come for the January Favourites post. From now on, my monthly favourites will include good things that have happened as well as products I've been loving, a bit of variety which also makes it a bit more personal. Feel free to comment below anything  exciting that's happened in your life this month, I''d love to know! Let's keep the introduction short and sweet, here are my favourite things from January 2015.

Urban Decay Naked 2 palette - I purchased this with my Christmas money at the start of the month. After having and loving the Naked 3 palette for a few months, I knew the Naked 2 would be next. I'm so glad I made the purchase. The shades and pigmentation are amazing and you can create a variety of looks from casual to more dramatic. In fact, I'm still experimenting! I like that there are mattes as well as shimmery shades.  With this palette being a favourite in January, I guarantee I will be using it a lot throughout 2015!

Boots - Debenhams. I mentioned these in a blog post earlier this month and I can't get enough of them. They go with any outfit and are ideal for the colder months.They're also super comfy, which is the most important part. It's nice to have some black boots in my wardrobe after having brown one for so long!

Soap and Glory - Mist You Madly body mist - This scent is very sweet and the bottle is so cute, like the rest of the Soap and Glory range. I've been wearing this quite often and it's easy to keep in your bag as well. An affordable scent which smelt lovely throughout January.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Gifted Mascara - I won't go on too much about how much I love this mascara as I posted a review on it a while ago. However, it's the best mascara I've used in a while. It doesn't make my lashes look dry or clumpy, and adds so much length and volumes. Along with the with awesome packaging, it's surely a winner inn my books. I've received a few compliments thanks to this mascara, too! I'd love to try out more from Tarte if I get the chance.

Cheryl - Only Human - I love Cheryl, and have done so since Girls Aloud! I'd say this is my favourite album from her. The songs are fun, catchy and fit well together as an album. A lot of them carry a message or being yourself and living life to the full, which I love. My favourite songs are Throwback and Only Human.

Tea - Guess what. I'm 16 years old, British and I'd never tried a cup of tea before this month. Crazy. Now I love it and find it very relaxing. A weird favourite to mention but I thought I'd add it anyway. That's all for products I've been loving throughout January. Here are a few things that have been quite exciting for me this month...

Mock Exams  - okay, so this may not be that exciting but I tried my best. Exams are not fun but when they're over it's a weight lifted off your shoulders! I recently got my results which I'm pretty pleased with. As well as that, I know where to improve so I can achieve good grades in my real GSCE exams, coming this summer!

Haircut - A haircut had been something on my list for ages, and this month I found the confidence to do it. I really fancied a change and I was getting bored of my long hair. It's not DRAMATICALLY short but there is a difference, I think I might get it cut even shorter soon! Lose waves seem to be popular with this hair length, so that's how I've enjoyed styling my hair recently.

Nathan Sykes - Earlier this week Nathan (who you may know from The Wanted) officially announced that he is going solo, with his debut album coming later this year. I absolutely love Nathan, so I'm very excited. He is so talented, and his new material will (hopefully!) be a pleasant surprise with not as much pop, but more funk and soul. If you're interested, an interview came out (here) earlier this week in which Nathan spoke about his new music and going solo. Hopefully we get to here some music soon!

That rounds up what I've enjoyed through out January. What have you enjoyed this month?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Thinking Positive #22

Some people hate mornings. You're all snuggled up in bed then suddenly the alarm goes off and it's time for a new day. I understand, sometimes there's nothing better than being in your own bed, but there's a brand new day to enjoy, so why complain? If you change your negative thoughts towards mornings into positive ones, it can change your whole day. Do your usual routine; freshen up, eat breakfast, have a cup of tea. Do things that make you happy and instead of looking at the day with dread, look at it with excitement and all the things you can accomplish. Waking up with a smile instead of a frown makes the whole day a lot better. 

Take this quote even further, one positive thought at any time can change your whole day.

Have a great day.


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