Thursday, 31 December 2015

Farfetch Discover - Win a £400 voucher!

Farfetch is a great company where you can find thousands of luxury designer items, all in one place. With huge names such as Michael Kors, Chloe and Valentino from 300 independent boutiques in some the world's most fashionable cities. Recently, they have re-launched the Farfetch Discover app for Apple devices, making it easy and fun to search for designer items on the go or in the comfort of your own home. Keep reading to find out about the app, a wishlist full of new season picks, and how to win a £400 voucher to spend on the app!

This new app is super easy to navigate and faster to browse. As soon as the homepage is loaded, you can go straight to clothes, shoes or bags. As well as that, you can find the newest items which are updated weekly. There is also seasonal trends and themes such winter items or pre-collections for the next season! I love how there's so much to access just from the homepage, making it easy and saving time (depending how much time you spend browsing the amazing clothes!).

Let's move on to the wishlists. It can be tempting to splash out on a beautiful piece of clothing, its up to you of course. However, I think investing in a classic accessory can be just as valuable, and more wearable. As well as that, a basic t-shirt with a designer logo on it can be used over and over again, but still make a fashionable statement. Therefore, I created a wishlist of some key wardrobe staples. Black is a safe choice as it can be worn with almost every colour and look so sophisticated, but if you want to add a pop of colour that still goes with your wardrobe and style then go for it!

 - Saint Laurent 'Paris' Shoulder Bag - Chloé 'Drew' Shoulder Bag - Valentino Garavani 'Rockstud' Pumps - No.21 logo oversized t-shirt - Balmain logo print tank top - Michael Kors Medium 'Gracie' Tote - Chloe 'Lauren' Ballerinas - Burberry 'House Check' Scarf -
Last but not least - competition time! If you click this link right here you could win a £400 giveaway to spend on the app. What more could you ask for?

Have an amazing new year!


Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Reds

Nothing beats a red lipstick at Christmas time, it's the ultimate colour for Christmas. Here's a selection of reds from my make-up collection. Most of them are from the drugstore so this post is fairly budget  friendly - handy at this time of year!

There are two matte shades, and two that are more glossy. The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in 'Standout' is a beautiful cherry red. It lasts for ages which is great for those Christmas parties. For £7.99, you can't really go wrong for an amazing (affordable) Christmas red. I wear this one the most so it's my personal favourite.

If you'd like to opt for a brighter red, Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet in 'Hot Pepper' is a great alternative. The applicator makes it really easy to apply and you get plenty of colour with one coat. It's not as long lasting as the Revlon balm, but nothing to worry about too much. Luckily, one thing both of these products have in common is that they don't dry out your lips, nothing worse than chapped lips in the winter! (But it's probably best to apply lip balm beforehand anyway!)

Moving onto the glossy reds, I love this No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in 'Statement'. It's shiny and has tiny flecks of glitter, which can be nice at Christmas. However, the shimmer is very subtle so don't be too put off. The colour is obviously red but I've noticed that it has a slight pink undertone to it. As well as that, the formula feels nice and moisturising on the lips.

We finish with the only high end edition to the collection. This is one of Clinique's Colour Pop Lipsticks in 'Cherry Pop'. It's amazing. As you might be able to guess, it's a pure cherry red which is so gorgeous. The creamy formula is so nice and the packaging looks really sophisticated. I got as a gift from a magazine about a month ago, but you can by the full size one here.

Do you like wearing red at Christmas? What's your favourite red lipstick?

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Sparkle For Your Nails

The build up to Christmas is well and truly here, (I've even got the festive tunes blaring out whilst writing this post!) and it's so exciting. This time of year, there is glitter everywhere in time for the party season. Clothes, decorations, make-up and even your hair. As well as that, we can't forget nails - there are so many different colours and textures to experiment with. Here are some of the ones in my collection...

Of course, you can't beat red at this time of year, and this is basically Christmas in a bottle. Look how sparkly this China Glaze nail polish is! 'Ring in the Red' would look amazing with a number of colours: red for a classic Christmas look, white/cream for a Santa or candy cane inspired look, dark green like a Christmas tree, or black for a little bit of colour. Red is probably my favourite colour to wear because it's so traditional.

The next colour is perfect for the rose gold lovers out there. 'Bijoux' is from H&M's fairly recent beauty range (I'm sure you can purchase them separately as well). This is so pretty, I'd pair it with a neutral colour for a more sophisticated look such as cream or beige.

It's no surprise that there's a Barry M nail polish here, and this adorable light pink is called Princess. They couldn't have had a better name! This has a textured effect, so feels quite rough and is really interesting. Shifting from pretty pink to deep purple, this glitter polish from Leighton Denny looks so luxurious. The flecks of blue and silver glitter are memorizing. This has another regal name 'Party at the Palace'. How do people pick such accurate names? Genius.

We finish with this incredible dark silver glitter from China Glaze in 'Tinsel Town'. Yes, Tinsel Town. I seriously can't get over these names. It's a slightly edgier alternative to the typically girly colours in this post, but still so beautiful.

Which one is your favourite from this selection? Do you like a bit of sparkle at this time of year?


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Barry M x3

Barry M is no stranger to this blog - they're my favourite drugstore brand for nail polishes.
I saw this set of three nail polishes for £10 in River Island. It would make a great Christmas present, perhaps for someone who isn't a fan of bright nail polishes, or just simply really suits these colours! This little set contains nail polishes from the different ranges that Barry M offer: Gelly Hi Shine, Speedy Quick Dry and the original range. I think you really get your money's worth in this nail polish set, and you save nearly £1 compared to buying these separately in the drugstore. With the expense of Christmas, any money saved at this time of year can help!

I really like the colour range of this set, three different colours that are great if you want more of a neutral, everyday look. The first one is from Barry M's amazing Gelly Hi Shine range (£3.99), in the shade 'Almond'. This is a lovely light taupe shade, nice and neutral, but the formula makes it extra shiny.

The second nail polish is a pretty pink called 'Ballerina' (£2.99). How cute is the name? I like the fact that it's not too light, bright or dark. However, it's still noticeable and a more sophisticated, neutral shade of pink. This is my favourite nail polish from this set. The original nail polish range is still just as good as the others!

Last but not least is this adorable baby blue from the Speedy Quick Dry range, with the name 'Eat My Dust' (£3.99). With a cute colour and a quick dry formula, this nail polish is surely a winner.

I think this set is such good value for money and would make a perfect little Christmas present for someone special. Or you can treat yourself to a few new nail polishes this year. I remember seeing a set of brighter nail polishes as well, so there's something for anyone.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

ARI By Ariana Grande

When Ariana Grande announced that she was releasing her first fragrance, I knew I had to try it out. I love her. I was pleasantly surprised, and now that I've had it for a month it makes sense to share my thoughts on Ariana's fragrance. I know sometimes people aren't fans of celebrity perfumes, but I'm so impressed with Ari!

First of all, this is one of the prettiest perfume I've ever seen. I love the shape of the bottle and the and the adorable little pom-pom attached to it. The bottle overall is the perfect blend of cute and sassy, much like Ariana herself.

Ari's scent is very sweet and unique, with notes of sparkling fruits, floral scents, musk and even a hint marshmallow. So much personality in one bottle! However, the scent is very strong so be careful when spraying, as too much perfume can be quite overwhelming. It's definitely a perfume that makes a statement.

Ariana describes her fragrance as 'playful, timeless and confident', and you can see that from the design of the bottle, and smell it from the sweetness of the fragrance itself. If you're a fan of scents like this, I would definitely recommend it. Ariana has kept true to her cute and confident self in all aspects of this fragrance, promoting a hidden message to fans to be themselves and celebrate who they are.

I would rate Ari by Ariana Grande 9/10.

Have you tried this fragrance before, what do you think of it? What perfumes do you like? 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Topshop Wishlist

Topshop has some amazing pieces in store at the moment. I thought I'd show you what I've got my eye on...

This wishlist is definitely a mix of smart and casual - which is pretty much my style anyway. On the left we have the more casual pieces, I love the print and colours of the patchwork t-shirt. It would look great with the blue high-waisted Joni jeans. The burnt orange and blue checkered shirt would be perfect with jeans as well, or even leggings and boots as it's over-sized. I think the arrow print shirt is so cute, and can be dressed up or down, and I love the colours! It would look so with the collar poking out of a jumper.

Speaking of jumpers, this grey brooch necklace jumper comes out every year in Topshop, and this year I really want to get my hands one one! I think it's so pretty and makes a change to an normal jumper. However, a black polo neck jumper is a great basic piece to have, and would look so stylish with the cigarette trousers or the A- line houndstooth skirt. For shoes, I included these super cute black flats, perfect when it's too cold/rainy to wear pumps, nut you don't wan to wear boots! They remind me of shoes I used to have when I was little, in a more stylish way!

What have you got your eye on at the moment? Anything from this wishlist?


Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Favourite Youtubers - 2015

One of the first posts I wrote on this blog was about my favourite YouTube channels. However, that was over two years ago. I thought it would be fun to share my current favourites, and they might even be your favourites too!

1. FleurDeForce - Fleur is probably my favourite! Her videos are consistently good and honest. My style is quite similar to hers, so I love her fashion videos just as much as her beauty videos. She's done some super exciting things over the last year, which include releasing a book and a make up range. It's so exciting to see great youtubers like her do so well, but her vlogs and personality will show you how down to earth she is (as well as how adorable her dogs are!).

2. Velvetgh0st / Gabriella Lindley - I feel like me and Gabriella would get along so well if we were friends in real life, haha! I think she's so funny and real, and our common love for cats, Disney, Pretty Little Liars, and the same music (Taylor, Ariana, Selena, Fifth Harmony..) make me love her even more. I love her hauls & make up tutorials, as well as her vlogs which always make me laugh!

3. LucyAndLydia - Lucy and Lydia are adorable! They're so bubbly and enthusiastic, which makes them seem so nice and funny. They put an amazing amount of work into their videos, if you watch their Get The Look videos, you'll see what I mean. They're so detailed! Similarly to Gabby, I like loads of the same artists as them (and PLL!), they just seem like so much fun!

4. SacconeJoly's - If you're ever having a bad day, this channel will definitely cheer you up. This channel shares the daily life of Anna and Jonathan, and their adorable children Emilia and Eduardo! They're so sweet to watch.

5. Aspyn Ovard/ Aspyn and Parker - I knew I had to include Aspyn in this post! Her main channel videos are so colourful and fun to watch. Aspyn also shares a vlog channel with her husband (they got married last week! Watch the video, t's so cute!) Parker, where they upload pretty much daily.

Who are your favourite youtubers? Do we have any in common? There are so many more I could have included, but I think five is enough for now. Maybe I'll write a part two soon!


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Dress For Autumn with Boohoo

If you read my 'Things I Love About Autumn' post a little while ago, you might remember me saying that one of my favourite things about this time of year is the fashion. I just love wrapping up warm in cosy jumper, and the beautiful colours of burgundy, forest green and other earthy tones.

Therefore, I was over the moon when the Boohoo asked me about their Dress For Autumn campaign, in which I picked a dress and created three ways to style it for Autumn. I absolutely love Boohoo; they are just as good for basics as they are for on-trend fashion. With affordable prices and many of their items available multiple colours, you can't really go wrong. 

For these looks I really wanted to make them casual, but still look put together. I've always loved the look of swing dresses, I think they can be dressed up or down and you can add whatever you want to them to compliment your style. This is one of Boohoo's basic swing dresses, and I just had to pick burgundy - my favourite colour for Autumn & Winter.

The first look is quite smart. I paired the dress with my trusty winter coat that I got last year from Debenhams, but you can find alternatives here if you're interested. This coat screams Autumn to me and looks quite put together with just two pieces. A classic bowler hat really finished off this look. You could say this outfit is inspired by Taylor Swift, as I could really imagine her in an outfit like this and she is one of my style icons.

Moving on to the second outfit, I knew I had to include a cape. They're one of my favourite pieces for Autumn as they look so stylish and comfortable! There are many different lengths and patterns out there for everyone, but this over-sized checkered blanket cape matched the dress perfectly..it has burgundy! This is probably my favourite look because simply throwing on a cape looks effortlessly fashionable. 

The third look was mainly focused around accessories, and I feel like this outfit has a really cool vibe. This navy hat with a brown leather strap is so autumnal and compliments the colour of the dress really well, whereas the tassel necklace adds that extra boho detail. I love looking for simple ways to change up your look, it's amazing how versatile this dress is!

Boohoo have some incredible dresses to suit anyone, you're guaranteed to find your perfect dress for Autumn. Which look is your favourite? How would you style a dress for this time of year?


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

All About Black Cherry

Here we are with another Autumn inspired post (can you tell that I love this time of year?). As you might be aware from my previous posts, burgundy/berry/maroon/wine/whatever-you-call-it is my favourite colour to wear at this time of year, and throughout Winter as well. So much so, that a recent trip to Boots resulted in me buying two products with the name 'Black Cherry'. It was probably intentional! Fortunately, these products have impressed me a lot so I thought it would be fun to review both of them.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick  - Black Cherry 447

One thing that beauty bloggers and youtubers have taught me over the years is that you can pull of a dark lip and make it casual. Therefore, it was about time that I bought a berry lipstick. I didn't want to invest in a high end product straight away, so I turned to Revlon - my favourite drugstore brand when it comes to lip products! Black Cherry is a beautiful colour which is so easy to build up depending how dramatic you want your look to be - great for everyday or an evening look. Sometimes I'll pair with winged eyeliner and/or eye shadow for a really intense look, or I'll simply add mascara to really let my lips do the talking! It looks great either way. I also think that it suits so many skin tones, after seeing Estee Lalonde (blogger/youtuber) looking amazing wearing it, as well as my friends who already have it. Staying power isn't amazing, especially when eating but I find that it does leave a stain on my lips, which I don't mind! Overall, for just £7.99 it's a really good drugstore lipstick. 8/10.

Barry M Midnight Gelly Nail Paint - Black Cherry

I get so excited whenever Barry M add new colours to their Gelly range every season. And this collection is another winner. This year, their new colours are super dark and almost black, hence the name of the collection, 'Midnight'. These colours are so on trend, with the whole Gothic/Victoriana style being a huge hit this season. If you head over to my Instagram, you'll see I already have Black Pistachio, a beautiful dark green. I knew that Black Cherry was going to be my next purchase, the colour is amazing and the formula is great along with the rest of the range. It lasts at least 5 days, and with a top coat maybe even longer, so another 8/10 for me!

What's your favourite berry lip colour? Have you tried any of the latest editions to Barry M's Gelly nail paints?


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Autumn Haul 2015

I don't know whether the fact that the title of this post rhymes is cool or not, but I like it anyway. As I mentioned in my previous post, Things I Love About Autumn, I am a huge fan of the fashion that this time of year brings - colours, sweater weather, you name it. With that being said, here are few autumnal pieces that I've picked up over the last few weeks...

H&M is probably my favourite shop to go to for basics. A flannel shirt is an essential item to have in my opinion, and I finally got round to picking one up! As well as that, we wouldn't have an Autumn haul without some jumpers, and these two are perfect. The burgundy jumper has thicker material and a cute zip on the back for extra detail, but the simple, thin knit dark green jumper is just as nice!

(These photos were taken at different times, which is why you might notice that my hair is significantly shorter in some shots!)

New Look is full of so many amazing pieces this A/W, I really recommend going there if you're looking for some great quality at affordable prices. One of the things I picked out was this super comfy marl grey/black jumper for just £7.99, a dark red lip would look so good with this!

Last not definitely not least is this super basic t-shirt from Topshop. Now that I'm at college, simple things like this are perfect for everyday outfits, whereas the burnt orange colour is perfect for Autumn!

A very short but sweet haul for this Sunday's post. I'd love to know if you've picked up any great pieces this season, and what your go-to shops are!  


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Things I Love About Autumn

I can't help being in an extremely good mood whilst writing this post I LOVE Autumn! There are good things about every season, but what Autumn brings makes this season so warm, cosy and colourful...

1. The colours - Reds, Oranges, Yellows, Greens, Burgundy.. warm Autumn colours are my favourite. I love wearing these colours as much a I love seeing them as the leaves change colour.

2. Hot drinks - I am yet to try a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but aside from that I love warming myself up with a delicious latte, hot chocolate or tea at this time of year.

3. The weather - Yes, the weather. I am not crazy. What I like about this time of year is that its not too hot or too cold. The sun is shining, but you can feel an Autumn breeze. And as for the rain, I don't really mind it as much as other people seem too (unless I'm outside drowning in it of course) because when I'm inside and listening to the rain and drinking a hot drink, I find it so relaxing!

4. Autumn Style - Fashion and beauty; Autumn style is my favourite! Cosy jumpers and cardigans, tights and boots, hats, scarves and gloves, berry lips and coppery eyes... perfect.

5. Scents - How could I not include the spicy, warm, sweet scents that this time of year brings? I'm talking candles, drinks, food..

6. Events - My birthday is in Autumn (28th October), and that's followed by Halloween and Bonfire Night. Lots of happy times, scary movies, sweet treats and fireworks!

This time of year makes me so happy. Do you like Autumn? What's your favourite season?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Two New Lip Products - Revlon and Tanya Burr!

Recently I added to new lip products to my collection, so it seemed right to do a little review on here!

I've been wanting to venture out and try bolder lip colours lately, and as Autumn is here, it's time for the reds and the berry colours! This lip crayon is the Colorburst Matte Balm in Standout from Revlon, a brand I love for lip products. It's a beautiful, warm red which is perfect for my warm-toned, fair skin. The matte formula lasts pretty much all day, with barely any touch-ups needed and doesn't dry out your lips. This is an ideal colour for this time of year, I really recommend it! Especially from Superdrug, where they're selling this range for just £5 each at the moment.

The lovely YouTuber Tanya Burr released brand new products this summer, and after testing out this lip gloss, I'm impressed. I was a bit skeptical to try this as when I purchased a lip gloss from her range before, I didn't really like it. I found the formula really too sticky and the colour (Just Peachy) was not right for me at all, too light. I didn't get round to trying another one so when the new ones came out, I thought I'd give them a chance! I'm so glad I did; the colour is a lovely pretty pink which you can build up for colour, and has the most adorable name 'Picnic In the Park'. The formula is lovely - not sticky and surprisingly long lasting. And to finish, how nice is the packaging? The gold looks so gorgeous. I'd love to try more lip glosses from Tanya's range, as well as the other products.

What lip products have you tried recently? Have you tried any from this post?


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